The By-Laws in regard to admissions are:

ARTICLE III, SECTION 3.  Proposals for membership shall be in writing and signed by three members of the Club. Each proposal shall state, in the blank form furnished for the purpose, the candidate's place of birth, age, occupation, general qualifications, and, if a graduate of a college, the name of the college and the year of graduation; and that the proposers believe that the candidate desires to become a member of the Club.

SECTION 4.  If the proposal is approved by the Committee on Officers and Members, the candidate's name, with the names of such candidate‚Äôs proposers, shall be conspicuously posted in the Club rooms during two regular meetings; after which the Electoral Committee shall consider the application and vote thereon by secret ballot. Two blackballs shall prevent the election of a candidate.  No rejected candidate shall be again proposed for membership within six months of rejection.

In addition to these, the following rule has been adopted by the Electoral Committee and approved by the Club:

While the Committee do not wish to fix invariably the minimum age of applicants, they are of the opinion that they should not consider an application for any candidate under twenty-five years of age, unless conspicuous proofs of desirability as a member are furnished.

Papers read before the Club during the season should be submitted here for consideration by the Publications Committee. Only papers read before the Club will be considered; all others will be discarded without notice. Members' papers submitted here will be posted on the Club website unless the author specifically requests to the contrary.

Papers read in prior seasons may be submitted to the website via a separate form.

Materials in support of a Collyer Fellowship application must be submitted via that form.

The Club does not read or publish papers from non-members. Any such submissions will be discarded without reply.

Papers read before the Club in prior seasons may be submitted to the website on this form. Submission of your essay constitutes permission to publish it on the Club's website.  Only papers read before the Club will be published. The Club publishes papers as submitted; it does not edit for style, spelling, or grammar.

The Chicago Literary Club